Royal Kalinga Cottages is the Top hotels in Manali at the best hotel price. There are many Top Hotels in Manali but no hotel can beat ROYAL KALINGA COTTAGES. Royal Kalinga Cottages is a luxurious, trusted hotel at the best hotel price.

Manali in-build with all modern facilities. Royal Kalinga Cottages Manali is one of the top-notch Eco-Luxury resorts in the mystic and mesmerizing land of Manali. Where you can spend a time of solitude and peace




Laced with sheer royalty, this room is an ideal option if “King like Stay” is what you look for. With a two-story design, the room gives enormous space for a small group of people to stay without any hassle. Along with that it also provides an alluring panoramic view of hills from the windowpane. The resort contains 9 Luxury Cottage Rooms.

We have the Top hotels in Manali of a deluxe cottage that is designed especially for guests coming in to celebrate some peace time with their beloved family. Apart from pretty decors & interiors the cottage is also very spacious & consists of six bedrooms.

If you are looking for the top hotels in Manali, At the best hotel price We recommend you to stay with us at Royal Kalinga Cottages.

Introduce Royal Kalinga cottages Manali

Royal Kalinga Cottages is a luxurious and trusted hotel in Manali in-build with all modern facilities like parking place, 24-hour internet WI-FI, 24-hour hotel staff for serve and tour guider which is most impotent when you are going to a new place for tour purpose.

Rooms Categories

  • Luxury Cottage Rooms
  • Deluxe Cottage Rooms
  • 3 Bedroom Full Cottage
  • 6 Bedroom Full Cottage

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