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Online Himachal Hotel Booking – Royal Kalinga Cottages Manali

Royal Kalinga Cottages Manali site is the best for Online Himachal Hotel Booking. Royal Kalinga Cottages are one of the most prominent cottages in the town. 20% off on hotel booking the Cottage is designed to calm and delight your senses. The beautiful & spectacular views, peaceful and serene ambiance, makes this place fit for travellers and nature lovers. Cottage Rooms are cosy and comfortable what is supposed  to be for a house in the hills. A fully furnished one that comes with all the facilities like huge Hall & Kitchen that a family requires for a comfortable stay.

Royal Kalinga Cottages are ready to host in the lap of nature, aside from the hustle & bustle of the city. Book your stay with us & get 20% off ononline himachal hotel booking. Our Cottages are surrounded by nature, where nature awaits to reach out and touch you with the panoramic view of the green valley with its streams, pine forests, paddy fields, apple orchards and its mountains covered with sheets of snow. Exquisitely done wooden work is more then enough to take your breath away and gives a feeling of royal stay in Royal Kalinga Cottages.

Royal Kalinga Cottages are just 500 m from main Highway & 1.5 km prior to Manali Mall Road. We offers 20% off on online himachal hotel booking for an absolute escape amidst lush greenery & scenic mountains. We warmly invite our guest to enjoy our world class amenities like, Spacious Cottage Rooms, Hall, Fire Place, Car Parking, Dazzling Garden, Private Kitchen & many more like 20% off on hotel booking. Our resort location is secluded  location in Manali that provides a serene environment & sufficient privacy away from the city’s cacophony.

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